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    I'm interested in finding out more on the promised "in manufacture" super Hydrophobic coated phones.
    Does anyone have any idea ?

      I seriously doubt anything will come of it, if Samsung or Apple dont incorporate it into their phones in the future, then i seriously doubt it will become anything more then a tech demo, it sucks too because having a waterproof phone would have so many advantages, as long at you dont make it swim, it would be nice that if something is spilled on it, it wont damage my phone and void the warranty.

      Phones dont last like they used it, i remember having an old Nokia 3210, had an unfortunate trip through the washing machine, soap and all, took out the battery, left it in the sun to dry for a few hours, at first the phone screen didnt work but the longer i left it on, the better the screen became. I had that phone another year before i got a new one. Phones now days, all they have to do is look at some water and trip the moister indicators.

        i have a waterproof and dustproof phone. it doesn't have a hydrophobic coating, just seals to keep the water out. its a experia active. you can watch it swiming or being beaten with hammers on youtube

      @Djrmach Yeah. Haven't heard much myself. As you said, there's the hydrophobic protective film you mentioned (called NeverWet) and also a tech called Hz0 --a related but different waterproofing system uses a proprietary process to allow the hydrophobic, nano-scale film to bond tightly to the device’s interior as well outside. I'll keep an eye out.

    Here is a question for Giz staff, is it random that a comment has to be moderated? or is it because i was being a dick somehow and took away insta-comment privileges?

    I dont remember doing anything, i dont troll.

      Some authors enable modoration. Jesus Diaz has to, for obvious reasons.

      @Luke your email isn't in the moderation list. You probably just mentioned a word the filter looks for and needed that one comment to be approved. All is well.

    Do you mean "water resistant"? when your saying water resistant I don't think it's the same .
    I'm trying to find a good video of the iPhone example. Even after hearing rumors of Samsung being in talks with one of the developers last year, I'm losing hope it will happen , it was suposed to be a midyear release date

      no i maen waterproof


        It's good you have a sony Experia active I'm glad you have the money gor one but... how does this help my camera or phone I own now ?
        The products I'm talking about are retro aplicable unlike the and unlike the "experia" do not require brand purchase :)

          Damn typo's I hate trying to read this small type stuff in motion "unlike the and unlike the" LOL

          my phone is now considered an obsolete model so you can pick them up new and cheap. they were selling for around $600 in december but i got mine new for $250

        @anothermichael Defy Mini just hit Optus pre-paid -- it's Dust-proof and water resistant. Good burner for camping.There's also a Defy XT Floating around overseas.

    I am officially ashamed of myself, i have finally surrendered myself to the wallet sucking behemoth that is ThinkGeek.

    I bought myself some Portal bookends, my DVD's keep falling over and i thought there isnt a more awesome way of keeping them up with some portal bookends.

    Shipping costs to Australia are a kick in the balls though.

      These were the last thing I bought from thinkgeek...could make a Giz article seeing what people thought -- http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/accessories/ab3f/

        I could waste a lot of money on ThinkGeek, luckily i have to will power to not surrender, anyways, i would love to buy this http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/e683/... Its a DIY juice to alcohol kit, but shipping restrictions says it cant be shipped outside the US, cant they just give us a pack without the yeast?

        Its alright though, its not that hard to convert juice to alcohol, all you need is some brewing yeast, some juice with no preservatives, the cap itself should act as the airlock.

    Hi, if you remember last week i was deciding on buying one of two PC's, i decided on the HP, it had the latest i7 CPU.

    Anyways, one quick question, i want to upgrade the graphics card to an Nvidia GTX 570, what would be the best power supply for it for about the $130-$150 range?

    I'd go something at least 650 Watt so you have plenty of capacity for your other components and for maybe overclocking the card down the track. Also modular supplies (where you can unplug the connections not in use) help limit clutter. I usually start somewhere like http://pccasegear.com/ and look for the usual suspects: Antec, ThermalTake, CoolerMaster, etc

      Thanks, i have been checking out http://pccasegear.com/ and seen a PSU that fits into my budget, the only thing is that i have never heard of the brand before, OCZ, it's a 700 Watt modular for$100, which fits into my budget quite nicely.

      Another question is that my PC is a standard size tower, would most PSU's fit or do i have to get one specifically to fit my tower?

      PS. i am a complete noob, when it comes to these things.

        Here is the one i am looking at, it hasnt been released yet but hopefully it becomes available when i get some money.

        dammit, bloody laptop keeps submitting comments before i have finished typing them,

        here is the PSU i am looking at http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15_305&products_id=12402

          Looks boss!

            I have been doing research on OCZ, it seems their SSD's have a bad failure rate, so it shows their build quality which would go for all their products.

            Anyways i have seen a Corsair TX-650M modular PSU for $135, which is stretching the budget but not by much.


    Email I sent and got back from Malcolm re the NBN. Aren't most copper loops well over 1000m... I don't know, but I hope fibers in the ground for my area soon =D

    Dear Rhys

    We don’t propose to cancel any contracted FTTP rollouts. FTTN will deliver very high speeds – well over 50 mbps – so long as the copper loop is less than 1000 metres.

    All the best


    First Name: Rhys
    Message To Malcolm: Hi Malcolm,
    I have a question in regards to the NBN. I'd like to know how you plan on fixing the issue of Telstra's monopoly on it's copper network?

    I live in a small suburb of Townsville, though it is usually grouped with the largest suburb of Kirwan. Telstra has a long time ago set up it's copper network. It is in a poor state, with no competition from other telco's. We are ear marked for NBN roll out and I'm please to hear this will be going a head in our area.

    Why is it that at first you would want to take this away, and now you want adjust it so that the fiber will only go to the node, this will not fix the problem and feed Telstra's monopoly by continuing to use their copper. Which as mentioned is in a poor state.

    I'm sure other suburbs face this issue, and I feel for them as they have not been marked for NBN at this stage, and I'd hate to think that if your party was to gain power that you would only give them half the speed and reliability because you want to cut the costs.

    A lot of people have now accepted the costs weighed against the benefits. These ideas of FTTN will not help the problem if you are stuck on Teltra's copper RIM.

    I'd like to see the rest of Australia have a fair go, not just the capital city's where competition is high amongst telco's.


    For Android devices.. From ICS and onwards... Is google make access to Google Play a must.

      In Australia we don't have Amazon Android Store. So sideloading aside, Google Play is your best market option.

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