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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. At the moment, I'm stoked the Bombers smashed West Coast by 61 points, though I'm sure we will, in true Dons' fashion, lose to Richmond next week. On the tech side of things, I'm trying not to buy another SSD (an M4 Crucial 128GB), despite the prices being reasonably sane these days.

A new week, a new thread. Feel free to take the conversation anywhere you like. Create some whitenoise by commenting below...


    Can i ask for some advice?

    I want to buy a new desktop, i have seen 2 at a local Officeworks, and want to know which one is better?

    One is an Asus with an Intel core i7-870 with an 2Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 430 and one is a HP with a Intel i7-2600 with a 2Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 530, both have 8Gb ram, which one is better?

    I am a PC gamer and i will eventually upgrade the graphics because i understand that both will play modern games but only at medium settings, which i dont mind because i am not a graphics whore so i dont really care about eye-blisteringly good graphics.

    PS. I am a lazy man and i dont want to build my own computer, i know of the benefits of building but i dont want to just yet.

      Build it yourself, you'll either get a better machine for your money or save heaps on the spec you've shown here. If you can't do it yourself then buy the parts and get a friend that knows how to do it. Honestly buying name brand PC's from retailers is a ripoff. If you don't have any knowledgeable friends, buy a book on how to get started. Something like one of the idiots guides will teach you heaps or look up a how to online. :)

        To be fair, the one i am looking at, the Asus, is an Officeworks built machine and not an OEM machine, from reading the reviews the motherboard supports Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire.

        I have seen a decent graphics card that fits into my budget, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti which i think is factory overclocked for $255.

        I am to ashamed to admit that i dont have the money to build my own computer, i have to rent one and upgrade as i save up and get the money, i wish i could build my own computer but the two computers do fall into my weekly budget.

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