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Welcome to Whitenoise, where you can come to talk about anything you want with other Gizmodo readers. Wondering if it can possibly get more freezing? It isn't even winter yet! Maybe we should just buy a bunch of these and be done with it.

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    So I have two new games to play today. Deus Ex Human Revolution or L.A. Noire. I can be an ex-cop in the future or a detective in the past. Which should I play first and why? (no spoilers please)

    After reading the comments on the American Kotaku article on why is the Australian cover art for Far Cry 3 is reversed, why are they obsessed with the way Australian toilets flush?

    Sure there is the Coriolis Effect but the effect is not great enough to affect the water going down the drain, it has more to do with the actual vessel itself be it a sink or toilet.

    I Personally blame it all on that episode of The Simpsons, but i dont know what is more stupid - Americans obsessing about our toilets or them believing The Simpsons?

    PS, i haven't even seen a toilet that uses the spiral motion to flush.

      American toilets can sometimes be pretty weird. There is a model of toilet popular there that is filled with water in the bowl, I mean REALLY full, and it does the spiral thing. It wasn't the Simpsons that started it, it was highschool physics and geography teachers. It's just a common meme that they've been teaching for decades when they get to weather and the Coriolis effect- the SImpsons, as usual, just picked it up as another common popculture meme as part of their comedy.

        I should have cleared the last part up, i know there are sprial flushing toilets its just i havent personally seen one in Australia.

        I didnt know about the teaching bit but i it was probably the Simpsons episode is the reason why its now common knowledge even though its technically not true.

        US toilets have so much water you get splash back. Makes you realise how much we conserve water here -- and that's before you get to the two button water-saving flush, etc.

          In one house i used to live in years ago, the only way the toilet flushed is to flood the whole bowl, pretty much up to the rim and then drain away. It was an old toilet with the one flush.

            you have to be careful with those ones, sometimes a courtesy flush can end badly

    Thank god that GSIII article isn't pinned anymore. Seriously 4-5 days? HTC didn't get that, and they're actually releasing to Aus.

      Went up Friday morning and should have been unpinned on Saturday night. Sorry about that.

    So.... check it:

    I totally bruised my lip doing that with my iPad last month and told Alex and Angus about it to much laughs. I'm not alone!

      I always use my iPad in bed, but i use it with it sitting on my chest, it sucks in winter when the back is freezing cold.

      I have tried to use it like the way that girl was using it but i didn't find it comfortable.

      I love how her mother reported it to the news, like it was something apple should be held accountable for!

    My galaxy tab was broken for about 6 months. I decided to have it repaired as the warranty was about a week away from expiring. When i got it back with the factory setting, I signed in with my google account and couldn't get my purchases in Market place (and play store). I sent a message to google-play support and they kept coming back with either scripted suggestions like clearing my cache or telling me they've recently rolled out fixes that fix this type of problem. so i sent them replies, no, it hasn't fixed the problem. no answer. please help? no answer. f%@! you google. ffs, this would be front page news if apple treated its customers this way. it's been over a month now trying to get a fix for this and a fortnight since their last reply. also, thanks to kies, i'm unable to upgrade from froyo to gingerbread. repairs put a new motherboard and kies doesn't allow update for it for some stupid reason. feel like sticking a screwdriver though the stupid thing.

      Heya z3d.
      If you wanna drop me an email (via contact the editors box on right), I can look into this for you.
      Giz has your back!

        hey danny, sent you the whole transcript of messages over the last month. i am planning to keep the tab permanently connected under my seat in my car and posting a gps coordinate to an internet URL every time it either connects or disconnects to my bluetooth. (neat way to do my datalogging). I don't really want to pay for tasker again out of principle. i know it's only a few $$$. there's probably about $50 - $100 of apps i can't access (not that i would use it for anything else). it's really frustrating.

    Tyrion Slapping Joffrey:

    Watching this in this week's episode of Game of Thrones has been the highlight of my TV viewing this week. Thoughts? Besides the fact that I need to get out more ;)

    Why is it that modern reflectors don't?
    Every single plastic reflector that I tried at Supercheap yesterday was very poor at reflecting light back to its source.

    Can i ask for some advice?

    I want to buy a new desktop, i have seen 2 at a local Officeworks, and want to know which one is better?

    One is an Asus with an Intel core i7-870 with an 2Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 430 and one is a HP with a Intel i7-2600 with a 2Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 530, both have 8Gb ram, which one is better?

    I am a PC gamer and i will eventually upgrade the graphics because i understand that both will play modern games but only at medium settings, which i dont mind because i am not a graphics whore so i dont really care about eye-blisteringly good graphics.

    PS. I am a lazy man and i dont want to build my own computer, i know of the benefits of building but i dont want to just yet.

      From what you tell us i would personally go for the hp, especially as it seems like you wont be doing any overclocking. but the most important component can be the hard drives (massive bottleneck on low end computers) so try check the sequential read write speeds and choose depending on that.

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