What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

The Coalition challenged the true value of the NBN, funds were misused in Tasmania and the physical rollout of the NBN continued in this week’s roundup of NBN news.

• Malcolm Turnbull outlined his position on the NBN, which he wants to “set free” by using a mix of technologies between regional and urban areas. [Gizmodo]

• Tony Abbott’s budget reply was analysed; most specifically the long-repeated (and refuted) claim that NBN access costs would be much higher than existing broadband costs. [Delimiter and ZDNet]

• So how much does an NBN plan cost? Lifehacker’s guide to the currently available NBN plans lets you easily sort all the variables. [Lifehacker]

• On the subject of the NBN and the budget, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hocket came out firing, claiming that the NBN wasn’t an “asset” in the same style as Qantas or the Commonwealth Bank; he doubts its commercial value. [Delimiter]

• Tasmania’s Chamber Of Commerce and Industry repaid $130,000 of taxpayer money after admitting it misused part of a grant designed to improve the uptake of the NBN. [The Australian]

• Amidst the political squabbling, the rollout of the NBN continues. It’s expected to create new jobs in South Australia as connection hubs are rolled out… [Adelaide Now]

• While cables are being rolled out in South Morang, Victoria. [Whittlesea Leader]