What To Do With A Laptop After You've Shot It?

Why, put it on eBay, of course! After all, who wouldn't want a fine laptop full of .22 bullet holes? Note: May not actually be in working condition. From the item description (which also humorously notes that it's "For parts or not working") it was in fact not working when the owner took a .22 to it… although the same description also states that it "only works when plugged into power point".

I'd suggest putting power through this particular laptop would be a very poor idea.

Also comes with some spent ammunition...

I think we can safely say that the warranty has been voided by these voids in the back of the screen. It's currently sitting at a very low asking price, and free shipping is included from Coober Pedy.

[via many, many twitter comments. I lost track!]

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