What Do Chip Designers Do In Their Spare Time? Pick Up Lava With A Shovel

I'm kind of envious of Jeri Ellsworth. Not only is she a excellent chip designer -- and owner of a Commodore 64-based Keytar that she plays on roller skates (yes, really)... but she also plays with lava. You know, for fun.

Jeri's also the lady behind the Commodore 64 on a chip that was all the rage a few years ago, as well as building her own body scanner. Again, just for the fun of it.. Still, picking up Lava with just a shovel, while on rapidly cooling lava? That takes serious bravery.


    it's actually a Bass guitar that she put together (not a keytar)... and i want one!!!

    I admire your pedantry... although I'm not sure that a guitar (of any stripe) with a C64 keyboard attached shouldn't be called a keytar anyway!

      I am uncertain if knowing the difference between a Bass and a Keytar constitutes enough "advanced learning" to warrant being labeled a pedant, however the irony of using said label to describe another will perhaps not be lost on the more astute reader.

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