What Are The Most Stylish Mobile Phones?

These days, any mobile you pick up can do the basics with aplomb — whether you're an Android afficionado, Apple fanboy or Windows Phone 7 fanatic. And for many, style is just as much an important consideration as the platform itself. So which phones do you think win on style points alone? Here are five of our favourites to start the conversation.

These are in alphabetic rather than any preference order, and we're not specifically tracking the technology within them; merely how cool they look when you pull them out of your pocket.

Apple iPhone 4S The design hasn't changed for a while, but then good looking design is a key part of the Apple experience that stretches all the way back to the original Macintosh computer.

HTC One X HTC's current flagship phone bears the style hallmarks of HTC's designs, with a smooth curved back, excellent display screen and Beats Audio branding if that's your style.

Nokia Lumia 800 Another re-used design (N9), the Lumia 800's body is functionally identical to that of the earlier Nokia N9 — and it's a cracker of a design that turns heads thanks to its smoothed corners and excellent display screen.

Sony Xperia S Sony's Xperia S features a rather unique bar design down the lower side of the front of the phone that makes it stand out — as does the better-than-iPhone-4 display screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note The Galaxy Note stands out, if only because of its size. What could just be a large lump of plastic and glass instead takes on the best design notes of the iconic Galaxy S II and supersizes them in just the right way. If you're after a smartphone that towers over the rest, the Galaxy Note is the one to buy.

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