West Coast Customs Fitted A Custom Denali… For HP?

West Coast Customs Fitted A Custom Denali… For HP?

I get that a custom built car is meant to stand out. I also get that when you get a big technology company to employ a custom car modder to do it that it’s a bit of a branding exercise. You certainly wouldn’t leave anyone unaware of which technology company you supported behind the wheel of this custom-modified high-tech GMC Denali.

HP had West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus to talk through the creation of a vehicle like this, talking up — to no particular shock — HP’s IT services as part of his design philosophy. This encompasses both desktops and laptops — he’s a big fan of laptops because, in his own words “with my designer, it’s good, because now I can bug him at home!”

And then a few more, just in case you couldn’t pick the company behind the car.


I asked Friedlinghaus how much a custom job like this would be worth. His response?

Alex Kidman travelled to Shanghai as a guest of HP. He still needs a can of Coke, and possibly some sleep.