West Coast Customs Fitted A Custom Denali… For HP?

West Coast Customs Fitted A Custom Denali… For HP?

I get that a custom built car is meant to stand out. I also get that when you get a big technology company to employ a custom car modder to do it that it’s a bit of a branding exercise. You certainly wouldn’t leave anyone unaware of which technology company you supported behind the wheel of this custom-modified high-tech GMC Denali.

HP had West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus to talk through the creation of a vehicle like this, talking up — to no particular shock — HP’s IT services as part of his design philosophy. This encompasses both desktops and laptops — he’s a big fan of laptops because, in his own words “with my designer, it’s good, because now I can bug him at home!”

The decals for this unusual Denali were printed on an HP Designjet L26500 before being applied to the car, which also houses an HP Envy printer (very securely bolted down) in the rear seat, more speakers than is possibly wise, two 25″ displays and a 27″ all in one PC in the boot. Not to mention lots of HP logos.

Lots and lots…

and lots of HP logos.

And then a few more, just in case you couldn’t pick the company behind the car.

Even the headlights feature HP logos.

I asked Friedlinghaus how much a custom job like this would be worth. His response?

“Ehhh… it’s pretty much priceless.”

Alex Kidman travelled to Shanghai as a guest of HP. He still needs a can of Coke, and possibly some sleep.