Week In Review: Galaxies, Grumpy Phones And CliffyB

The Galaxy S 3 finally arrived, we delved into CliffyB's past and the mysteries of phone support were discussed in this week's top stories.

Gizmodo Asks CliffyB About His Geek Origins

Do I really have to introduce CliffyB? Really? Design director for Epic games, developer celebrity and non-stop full-time proud geek? Yeah, that guy. But how did he get his geek start? Read More

Nokia Lumia 710 Review

The Lumia 710 is the cheaper, slightly fatter brother of the excellent Nokia Lumia 800. It’s a capable enough smartphone, but can it entice budget buyers? Read More

Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi or Good Guys: Who’s Australia’s Best Bricks And Mortar Gadget Retailer?

An Australian survey of trusted brands suggests that JB Hi-Fi is the third most reputable brand in the country — behind Apple and Australia post. Many Giz readers buy a lot online, but when you do venture out into the real world, where do you spend your cash? Read More

Rant: Why Is Mobile Phone Support So Hard To Get Right?

We’ve come a long way in terms of what you can do with a mobile phone, be it the apps that you run or the networks that you run it on. Why, then, are the support services that underpin them still so woefully bad? Read More

Samsung Galaxy S III: Meet the New Android Emperor

The Galaxy S III is finally here! Although that's "here" in the global sense; Samsung doesn't have plans to announce it in Australia just yet. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Developers Cubed: A Mobile Phone And A Digital Stethoscope

App development isn't just about games and social networking — it can also save the lives of children. That's the premise behind Team Stethocloud's exemplary application. Read More

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