Watch These Real-Time Skaters Ride A Stop-Motion World

It's an amazing effect. Filmmaker Russell Houghten combines stop-motion and real-time video in Open Horizons, and not just in alternating sequences. He actually mashes them into the same scene, the same shot, at the same time. I have no idea how he did it but I want to see more. [F-Stoppers via PetaPixel]


    I think you mean time-lapse world.
    cool clip though.

    No, stop-motion is correct.

      Urgh. No it's not. It's time lapse. Stop-motion is not correct.

    Very very cool.

    Yes there is an amazing amount of stationary and programmed shot blending in this.....
    I wonder how long it took to get looking right, some of the blended shots are many hours to get the sky to move and some of the action shots are seconds, so I'm guessing months of work .
    Looks awesomely joined and smooth :)

      I agree that it is very well done. But I disagree with you on the Time it would take to achieve this effect for all of the shots (except the shot around 1:14). If you set up the camera correctly and blow out the sky, you could do a sky replacement using the timelapse footage in a matter of minuites. Dont get me wrong, this looks great and there was definitely a lot of time put into it, but to create the fast moving cloud effect would be pretty easy. The shot at 1:14 is a little more complicated, but I think I could easily replicate it in less than a day.

    I'm sure someone like Djrcmach above knows waaay more about this stuff than I do (which is nothing!), but I was still hoping for more from the title. The only bit that I was really impressed with was at around 1:14 with all the people walking around. Rest of the time it was mostly skaters with fast moving clouds. Hope they do more of this stuff, but blend it more completely with the time-lapse world.

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