Watch: Robots In Love, Robots In Your Hair, And A Dictator Visits Australia

Just for the hell of it: Sascha Baron Cohen stops by Australian morning TV, a guy gets his head shaved by a robot and more...

Supreme Leader Aladeen Invades Australia's "Today Show"

Sascha Baron Cohen stops by Australian morning TV... [Buzzfeed]

The Bravest Man on Earth Gets His Head Shaved By a Robotic Sweeney Todd

Sure hope this shave and haircut takes more than two bits.

"I'm Here" by Spike Jonze

This 2010 sci-fi romance follows a nondescript library admin as one chance encounter turns to love. When that love is on the line, can he make the ultimate sacrifice for it? Oh yeah, and everybody's a robot.

Hair-Washing Robot Promises Your Hands Will Never Touch Shampoo Again

Great, the shampoo used to be the best part about getting your hair cut. Now, you'll have to constantly worry about it eating your scalp.

Roll: A Skateboard Documentary

It is exactly what it sounds like. Featuring interviews & footage of East Bay skaters Connor Duhaime, Joel Jutagir, Justin Hughs, Daniel Dubois, and Corey Duffel.

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