Watch People Fail Their Driving Test When Told They Had To Text And Drive

In Belgium, a non-profit organisation called Responsible Young Drivers told people taking their driving test that they had to prove themselves "able to use a mobile phone while driving" as part of their driving test, which meant they had to avoid an obstacle while texting and driving at the same time. As you can imagine, the tests don't end well.

Cones are hit, the driving instructor is thrown around his seat, sudden turns are made, and a really great guy goes into a soliloquy about how if texting and driving is legalised like this he would stop driving because people would die. It's very sweet. It's very dangerous. And it's very true! Texting while driving is dangerous and it's sorta silly that many places around the world are so lax in policing it. Don't do it, people! And don't drink and drive and text either, because that's just the worst. [YouTube via Neatorama]

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