Watch Diablo III Running On A Samsung Windows Tablet

In your basement, cuddled up next to your cat, on a mountain and now on a tablet.

Kotaku reader Wojtek wanted to see what running Diablo III on a touch device would be like, so he set the game up on his Samsung Series 7, which runs Windows. He describes the experience as functioning, as you can plainly see, but with obvious limitations like no left click.

Is Diablo III really the same without that quintessential *click* *click* *click*?

Even after months of practice using an iPad, my fingers still fudge up pretty much anything I make them type. I can imagine myself yelling at a tablet, "What?! No! The OTHER spell!"



    2 finger tap as left click perhaps? I have that set up on my laptop as middle click., works great.
    also he uses a keyboard for hot keys so that kind of defeats the whole purpose doesn't it?

      Not really, because those hotkeys are at the bottom of the screen as well.

    I've been so tempted to buy a Series 7 and put Windows 8 on it, but only a few more months until Windows 8 native tablets!

    Can you imagine the amount of frustration playing Diablo III on a tablet will induce when you play in hardcore mode?

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