Watch A Lingerie-Wearing Hologram Model Strut Half-Naked

Tupac hologram, you were amazing. Beautiful girl in lingerie hologram, you might be even better. A lingerie store in France called Empreinte is using a hologram woman in lingerie after the store closes to attract people. I think it's working.

The hologram actually looks pretty well done. See it from the right angles and you could really believe a very bright woman in lingerie was entertaining you after hours from inside the store. My question is why do all holograms have to disappear in a smash of stars? Why can't they just walk off? Is star travelling their preferred mode of transportation? Well, I guess if I could star travel, I would do it every time too.

Here's another video, minus points for the lady taking a picture with her iPad. [Empreinte via PSFK]


    I can't wait for future porn!

      Came here for this. Was not disappointed.

    Anyone out there know what it would cost for this system?

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