Wallee Moves Into Android And New iPad Territory With New Cases

Back when I first got my hands on the new iPad, I bemoaned the fact that it wouldn't fit the highly flexible Wallee case. The team behind the Wallee has announced it's got new cases to solve that problem, as well as take on a new market, with a specific case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 As they're designed to work with existing accessories, there's nothing truly revolutionary about either case; the "new" iPad one should be marginally fatter to match up with its profile, and the Galaxy Tab one would (I'd imagine) be fairly similar to the iPad 2 case.

Either case runs to $39.95 and is claimed to ship out at the end of May. Both should work smoothly with the original Wall mount that gives the product its name, as well as the car head rest and hand strap. [Studio Proper]

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