Vibrating Suit Lets Athletes In Training Know When They're Doing It Right

It seems the home team might have a bit of an advantage at this year's Olympic games. British athletes have been training with what's called the MotivePro Suit, an awkward-looking getup that tracks their movements and provides vibrating feedback when they've nailed a routine.

The suit was initially developed by Professor Gregory Sporton as a way to improve his posture while training as a ballerina. During a routine, the suit is able to measure the position of the performer's body in 3D space, and when they've properly extended an arm, or raised a leg high enough, small motors — like those found in a mobile phone — vibrate letting them know they've nailed a particular move.

At the moment, the suit is being used primarily by British rhythmic gymnasts, but it could also benefit athletes who are trying to perfect their tennis swing, back stroke or any kind of specific motion that would give them a competitive advantage. [The Daily Mail via Ubergizmo]

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