Use Richard Branson's Severed Head To Cool Your Drink

I'm not sure about you, but I find the idea of having an effigy of Sir Richard Branson floating in my beverage a tad creepy. The fancy new ice cubes, shaped like the British entrepreneur's severed head, will adorn the drinks upper class customers of Virgin Atlantic so that Sir Richard can "travel with you in spirit".

It wasn't a small undertaking getting Branson's face to show up in ice, apparently — it took a team of four people six weeks to forge the moulds for the frozen mini-sculptures, and that was after using laser scanners to get an exact likeness. Honestly, it really does look like they've done a fantastic job of capturing the billionaire — grin, goatee and golden locks are all there. It's just a shame they don't blurt out catchphrases or ogle the red-clad air hostesses.

I guess if you're not a fan of Branson you can enjoy watching him melt into your drink of choice, but I have to say I find the whole thing a bit weird. I can see the appeal of, say, ice cubes in the shape of a sweet-looking plane, but Branson's face — no thanks. [Daily Mail via Gizmodo UK]

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