US Air Force Accidentally Fills Entire Hangar With Foam

Here's why the US Air Force is the best: not only do you get to fly awesome drones, every once in a while your superiors say "Oh, fine, we'll throw another foam party", and the jets are doused in fire suppressant.

But wait, this was no rave. It was just a huge annoying accident at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where a welder accidentally triggered the emergency fire systems, releasing galactic quantities of foam retardant. It's sort of cute to see a little A-10 poking its head out of a bubble bath, but then you see that the foam spilled out of the hangar and try to wrap your head around what this must have been like to clean up. [Reddit via Aviatonist]


    I'm pretty sure I first saw these photos many years ago.

    Either that or the same mistake has been made more than once inside a USAF hanger

    What's particularly amazing is that these foam systems are designed to fill the hangar to that level in less than 20 seconds.

    I promise you this "accdent" is more than just annoying - the foam stuff is actually quite corrosive, and the planes (and the hangar frame) will need to be meticulously cleaned to avoid severe damage.

      Dead right - Actually it more than likely has written off some of those engines. That welder might not be getting his standard bonus this year. :)

    I want my Mr Matey!

      Hahaha, that takes me back! I wonder how many others will get that reference.

    You just know how valuable these planes were that any sign of fire would trigger so much foam. :P

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