Ultrabooks: The Tech Behind A New PC Category

Remember when the heavy computers were the powerful ones? Inspired by Intel, Ultrabooks are a new category of super-thin and stylish mobile computer that boast speedy Intel Core processors and Rapid Start technology for boot-up in seconds. Suddenly, everything else seems old-fashioned. Let’s take a look at the technologies behind Ultrabook.

Intel Core Processors

Intel’s energy efficient Core processors are key to the Ultrabook performance equation. And the good news is that Ultrabook makers employ a variety of 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge) and 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core processors to match your needs and budget.

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Intel Rapid Start Technology

Ultrabooks all have Solid-State Drives (SSDs) to ensure maximum performance. Not only does that help deliver long lasting battery life, but Intel’s zippy Rapid Start Technology helps you go from deep-sleep to fully awake in seconds.

Intel Smart Response Technology

Speaking of Solid-State Drives, Intel’s proprietary caching mechanism, dubbed Smart Response, recognizes and stores your most frequently used files and applications so you can access them right away. You’ll save time and power with faster access to the content you use and love the most.

Intel Smart Connect Technology

Imagine if your computer could check your email and social networks – even update your favourite apps – even while it’s in sleep mode. Welcome to Ultrabooks. On select models, you just lift he lid and you’re up-to-date and ready to go.

Intel Anti-Theft Technology

Intel Anti-Theft Technology (aka Intel AT) can disable your lost or stolen Ultrabook from anywhere in the world. This is a great option for business travellers; available on designated Ultrabook models.

Intel Identity Protection Technology

Identity Protection Technology (aka Intel IPT) helps protect your identity and assets online by adding a trusted link to your system, your accounts, and your favourite online places. It’s better online identity protection, authenticated by you. (Available only on select Ultrabooks equipped with 2nd generation Intel Core processors.

To learn more about Ultrabook, visit intel.com.au/ultrabook.

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