UHDTV Gets Not One, But Two Specifications

720p? Positively archaic! 1080p? Eye-bleedingly bad! Throw away that old junk — the future belongs to Ultra High Definition television. If you thought the confusion between "HD" and "Full HD" was bad, it looks like you're in for a bumpy ride in the future, with the International Telecommunications Union adopting two UHDTV specifications.

The ITU's draft recommendation for UHDTV calls for two specifications that can share the UHDTV moniker. There's UHDTV 4K (3840x2160) and UHDTV 8K (7860x4320), respectively. As Simon Sharwood at The Register notes, the confusion grows from there, as the 4K standard packs an 8MP resolution while the 8K one is technically speaking 32 megapixels. That's going to make for some fun in-store labelling and consumer confusion if this makes it beyond the draft stage; at this point it's still got to pass an administrative stage before then — and it'll be a number of years before we're sitting wide-eyed in front of our 4K or 8K UHDTV screens in any case. [The Register]


    A small typo:
    UHDTV 4K is (3840×2160) and not (2840×2160).

      Damn! Typo now fixed -- thanks!

        great for the life of me i couldn't work out why it was called 4k but it makes sense now. why didn't they just go the extra few pixels and make it 4000 wide.
        Also why are we now measuring width when 1080p is referring to the height?

          Because being the bigger number, using width makes it sound more impressive

            But 1920 was the bigger number, so by your logic, my TV should have been labelled 1920p...


        a hilariously bad standard that even people trying to blog/write articles about it find it difficult to be accurate.

        Sorry Alex. I think I discovered another typo
        8K is (7680×4320), not 8K (7860×4320),.

        Anyway, these numbers become logical if you think of FullHD as a 2K standard, and 4K is twice that horizontally and vertically, and 8K is twice the 4K horizontally and vertically.

    Prediction for 10 years time: All the bargain bin 4k 50" LCDs will be in BigW for $1000, while we buy our $3000, 100", 3840×2160 "FullUHDTV" OLEDs from JB Hi-Fi :)

      Prediction for 15... paying for these tvs causes economic meltdown, landing us in a new dark age.

    so between 5-10 years till we see this in our living rooms? i mean once price comes down and all

    Why stop there though? If they really want to bring in a "next gen" of resolutions.. why not go completely overboard? 7860x4320 is still quite "standard" resolution when you're talking about 55" TVs..

    Jebuz, I'm still watching most media in 720p, or even just SD, despite my TV being a 46" FullHD 1080p LCD. The main reason is that 1080p chews too much of my monthly internet quota.

      I am on unlimited, hitting about 800GB a month!

      with more then 1080p to download, ill be doing 3TB a month :(

      These should be released when NBN rollout is pretty much complete. Which means we still get to experience buffering issues when streaming the ultra high res TV show on our ultra fast internet connection... No matter how much tech advances, we always get stuck in the loading zone

    Great. So soon I'll be replacing all my blu-rays with something else, having replaced my DVD collection with blu-rays?! My wife is going to kill me.

      yep, how else will companies continue to capitilise on new markets with movies already released

      i stopped buying for that reason. i have only 6 blu-rays compared to hundreds of dvd. i just don't watch them enough to warrant buying anymore

    I'm still waiting for the Betamax to make a comeback!

      Good luck with that

    So when these TV's finally arrive, the television broadcasting companies will have finally come out of the dark ages and given us 1080p "Full HD" broadcasts as "standard" only to have to upgrade their cameras and broadcasting equipment again. It's hard enough getting them to broadcast the things we WANT to watch in 1K HD now! It's a joke that Australian TV Broadcasters can't broadcast EVERY channel in HD alongside a SD channel with all the suppossed bandwidth they apparently had. Even more so that most of the country has now shut down it's analogue network. Bah.. :s

    But this is HDTV it's got better resolution than real life....

      +1, Futurama FTW! Shut Up and Take My Money!! lol

    Will the current spectrum that's been allocated to a TV station be sufficient to send 8K signals? If not, hopefully we'll have a national fibre optic network that can be used.

    It is arrant nonsense to be talking about 4K or 8K transmissions when the networks currently send out crap mostly at 576i.
    Until they all go to 1080i (as a start) then 1080p, we will all continue to be treated as idiots.

    As i remember there has been much debate about these crazy resoloutions. Bigger is not nessesarily better. Dont get me wrong, the resoloutions are great, the amount of information they show is amazing. But there is always a point where things just become overkill. to really be able to appreciate 8k sizes the kind of screen you would need would be huge.

    I'm sorry, but all this household tv resoloution stuff kind makes me wonder if its really necessary. From the new sony and ly tv priemeres ive seen everybody always needs to go up close to see any intelligable difference, as well as use huge ass screens

    I'm sorry, but all this household tv resoloution stuff kind makes me wonder if its all really necessary. From the new sony and lg tv priemeres ive seen everybody always needs to go up close to see any intelligable difference. Theres really only so much ones eye can see sitting back a few feet on the sofa

    This shit has really got to stop. 2 different classifications for the same technology? It's happening with the whole "what is 4G" argument at the moment. Make 1 universal standard and STFU!

    Prediction; even when UHDTV ship, we will still be lucky to get 1080p content on our TV's. Not much use having these screens if the morons running the TV stations won't broadcast HD/UHD content.

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