Triple Barrel Revolver Makes Anyone An Expert Marksman

If you thought that double barrel handgun we posted a while back would help to improve your accuracy, you wouldn't even have to be looking at your target to hit it with this triple barrel revolver.

Details on the mad gunsmith who crafted this bizarre piece are unknown, except that it was made in Spain and appears to be a one-off creation. The fact that it only has a single trigger makes us assume the gun fires all three 6.35mm rounds at the same time, making it easy to get off 18 shots in no time. So even if you're a terrible shot, the gun's quantity over quality approach all but guarantees at least one round will find its mark.

[Horst Held via Neatorama]



    Um, firing more doesn't make you are marksmen.

      Uh, writing more doesn't make you are grammar.

        I lol'd

        Correcting people doesn't make you useful.

          Pointing out obvious jibes as poor attempts to assist are self incriminating. The jury finds you guilty of the charge of lameness., and sentences you to 10 hours of Trololo.

            Just finished my sentence. I feel better now and morororor reformed.

    3 barrels, for the man that needs to overcompensate.

    I guess you could call it... TRI-gun.


    I imagine that thing would be a little tough on the wrist.

    That's a terrible idea. The barrel is far, far above the handle due to the size of the revolving mechanism, and so the force projected backwards by the bullet when firing (as per Newton's law), will be combined with increased torque on the fulcrum(?) of the wrist compared to a normal handgun. Firing three bullets at a time will only magnify that effect. Good luck hitting anything at all, 18 bullets or not.

    imagine trying to reload it?? yeah you can see why this was a one off.

    Just the thing for a remake of Dirty Harry by the people who brought you Scary Movie etc.

    I think I recall seeing one of these on season 1 of Sons of Guns and they stated they were of French origin. Interesting concept for a gun tbh.

    the recoil would be a bitch, or would it ? with 18 bullets in the barrel.

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