Treasure Hunters Flock To California For Pieces Of Six-Billion-Year-Old Meteor

A stay-at-home mum was out walking her dog recently when she stumbled upon a weird, 17-gram rock. It turned out to be 4-6 billion years old. And from space. And it's worth $US20,000. Is El Dorado County due for another gold rush?

Space rocks have been on the county's mind ever since a minivan-sized meteorite exploded over it, creating a sonic boom. Tiny fragments of the rock — which predates the formation of the sun — were scattered all over the hills, setting off a red alert to fanatics of a certain stripe. The local CBS affiliate reports that thousands of geologists, scientists and treasure hunters have descended upon the town from all over the world hoping to get their own piece of precious space rock. Brenda Salverson, the lucky local mum, isn't the first to find a chunk of the pie. At least one professional hunter found some fragments, and if people keep hitching their wagons for gold country — many others will probably get lucky as well. [CBS via CNET]

Image: MarcelClemens/

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    4.6 billion years old... exactly? Who comes up with these ridiculous figures

      4-6 billion years, I think 2 billion years is a fairly generous buffer and isn't entirely implausible as while it may be older than the Earth, the universe is still nearly 15 billion years old.

        Is it? Who told you that? Just a guess based on incredibly flimsy dating methods that have proved to be erroneous time and time again. Stating them as fact is a joke.

          "Against stupidity the gods themselves strive in vain" (Schiller)

          As much as i have also always wondered how correct these dates are, I don't think i have ever seen anyone prove them wrong time and again ?

          The science guys seem pretty convinced they have it right as far as I'm aware.
          Im not trying to be dick, part of me agrees with you.


          as far as I know atoms decay at the same rate now as they is billions of years ago.

          I'll take peer reviewed science over a bunch of ancient texts with no credits or sources any day.

    Its better then saying the father of a jewish zombie made the universe.

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