Totally Badass Backpack Made Of Salvaged Bike Boots

Hammarhead Industries is a Philadelphia company known best for their repurposed motorcycles, but their latest creation — the HHI Day Pack — is gorgeous enough to deserve some time of its own in the spotlight.

Hammarhead worked with Brooklyn-based d'emploi and dissected over 30 vintage military bags, to figure out which materials would best hold up to longterm use with little upkeep.

The roll-top design the settled on is made of 15oz Martexin waxed cotton-canvas shell, with its lower section reinforced with a wrap of repurposed leather salvaged from a NYC motorcycle bootmaker. Its ultra-strong hardware was originally manufactured for parachutes; a racing hardness manufacturer from the midwest provided the nylon webbing.

The pack is said to be comfortable to wear, no matter how heavy the load, because of its by-design position resting on the small of your back. The HHI Day Pack costs $US290, more than your average backpack, but it's been crafted specifically to be a worthwhile investment, and a damn good-looking one at that. [CoolHunting - Images via Steve Streisguth and Hammarhead Industries]

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