Today's Google Doodle Celebrates Aussie Ruby Payne-Scott

Today's Google Doodle isn't as interactive as the Moog we got last week, but it's an important one for Australian science, as it celebrates the 100th birthday of Ruby Payne-Scott, one of the guiding lights of Radio Astronomy. Ruby's sadly no longer with us -- she passed away in 1981 -- but it's a nice recognition of her pioneering work, especially in light of the recent SKA decision that'll share the telescope array between Australia and South Africa. [Google]


    Australia is full of unsung heroes like this lady. It’s a pity we’re so tied up with crap that we can’t acknowledge them the way they should be. This lady should at least get a placard of distinction in a public place. I hope people from her town are watching and have organised something. – Bluey [ the Angry Australian]

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