Tiny Table Turns Your Fire Escape Into A Luxurious Patio

When that spacious balcony in your new apartment turns out to be nothing more than a fire escape, you can make (and enjoy) lemonade with this tiny Sky Deck table designed to securely perch on a handrail.

Made from Canadian red cedar, the table has a folding arm underneath with a protruding dowel that wraps itself around a railing, ensuring your drinks or dinner don't accidentally tumble over the side. You might not have room for an entire patio set on your fire escape, but the Sky Deck lets you slightly extend what limited space you do have.

And as a bonus, it's being manufactured in a small city in Japan that was devastated by the tsunami, helping the residents as they continue to slowly rebuild their homes and its businesses. Though, in a very limited run, so if you like the idea you might be better off breaking out the power tools this weekend and trying to build your own.

[Torafu Architects via designboom]


    The best thing about this table is the way you can accidentally knock the underside to send your drink hurtling off into the void, hanging for a moment in mournful apogee before shattering into a G&T-soaked shardscape on the concrete below.

    I like the idea, but it's going to need a few tweaks to avoid unwanted motion in both directions before I consider using one on my balcony.

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