This Suitcase's Shock-Absorbing Wheels Can Traverse The Roughest Terrain

Whether you're dragging your suitcase through the corridors at Heathrow, or across Alaska's frozen tundra, this custom-built carry-on can tackle any terrain with specially designed flexible shock-absorbing wheels. And that machined aluminium exo-skeleton frame looks pretty badass too.

Vveggo's Ravven Roll Aboard suitcases (the company really likes doubling up on the 'v') are hand-made which explains their $US2700 price tag. But if that means we don't have to feel every single bump and crack as we roll a carry-on down the footpath, it's definitely money well spent. While the use of an external metal exoskeleton makes the suitcase look like it was designed for space travel, it also maximises its storage capacity on the inside, so you could fill it to the brim with duty-free fine wines and never have to worry about breaking a bottle. [Vveggo International via GearCulture]

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