This Hanging Hotel Made Of Recycled Materials Is Weird And Wonderful

This Hanging Hotel Made Of Recycled Materials Is Weird And Wonderful

AirHotel, a sustainable and mobile hanging hotel designed by a group of Belgian artists, is actually a collection of six unique pod-like rooms, each with its own theme. From May 10 to June 2, AirHotel will be set up at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in the UK, where a stay in one of its wacky rooms will begin at about $US57 per occupant.

Featured above, the largest of all the “rooms”, The Shulp (“Little Cottage”), sleeps up to six. It’s divided into three distinct mini-suites, each furnished with two single beds. [TimeCircus via Inhabitat via GizMag]

El Ambassador

This VIP room accommodates two guests. It hangs 2.5m off the ground from four different suspension points. Glass skylights filter sunlight into this wooden cocoon.

The Lotus

This room may resemble a giant flimsy paper lantern, but unfold it and you have a sturdy blooming lotus flower with room for up to four single beds. It hangs 4m up, from four different suspension points.

Love Nest

Made of metal but disguised with wood, this larger-than-life bird’s nest hangs 4m off the ground. Its portal window brings in natural light to the pale faux-leather upholstered interior.

Night Box

The “ugly duckling” of the set, this patchwork-draped, steel-framed wooden cube sleeps two people. Its retractable roof provides ventilation and sunlight; the sides flip down to provide access to the bed.

Sterreschijter (“The Star Shitter”)

This tree-mounted structure may resemble an oversized baby carriage with a retractable sunroof, but it can comfortably sleep two grown adults. It is secured at about 6m off the ground.

The Wellness Center

This solar-powered structure is where guests check in. Here, they are given the “house rules” as well as a reading light and an introduction to the hotel’s owners and staff: “Tuning Tony”, “Heartbreaking Lucy”, “The Strongest Granny in the Entire World” and “Silent Branbo”. (Editor’s note: These names were translated to the best of Google’s ability from the hotel’s Belgian webpage. I hope they’re accurate, because they are pretty amazing.)