This Fire-Breathing RC Dragon Is Not A Toy

It's not a toy because, as you're about to see in these videos, it's powered by a jet engine, it's longer than you are tall, and its 2.7m wingspan will crush you if you're standing in the way as it comes in to land. You'll also hurt yourself if you're standing in front of it when it shoots out real fire.

Made by some guy called Rick Hamel for the 58th annual Toledo Show, where nerds everywhere bring their best works of remote-controlled art, this jet-engine dragon is dubbed 'Mythical Beast'. But don't be fooled by its pretty paint job -- take one look at the hoard of components inside the dragon (around 1:53 in the first video below) and you'll see the sophisticated mechanics that make all this flying and fire-breathing magic happen.

As Hamel explains in the first video below, the dragon uses a liquid propane system and a stun gun circuit to ignite a flame and create the fire that shoots out of its mouth. So, yeah it's not a toy, but it would look damn awesome in my living room, and it could totally double-up as a weapon against burglars. [Geekologie via Topless Robot

Rick Hamel explains his 'Mythical Beast' and how it all came together.

Awesome fire-breathing action.

Watch it fly.

Images: Geekologie


    Just to clarify "it’s powered by a jet engine", when you watch the second video sound it makes is definately NOT a jet engine is an electric ducted fan.

      the third video sorry.

    Can it breath fire, while flying, WITHOUT melting it's own face off?

    Uh... he says in the first video it's powered by a JetCat P80 with 22lbs of thrust. Look it up - it's a small jet engine.

    There is no way a ducted fan would provide enough thrust to push that thing through the air.

      It does sound very EDFy in that video though. Maybe it was a prototype with EDFs. Turbines are expensive, yo.

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