They Foolishly Claimed This Titanic Tea Bag Holder Was Unsinkable

Even though its design was on the cutting-edge of tea leaf infusion technology, when the Teatanic struck an ice cube on that cold April morning, it was forever doomed to cling to the side of a mug lest it sink to the bottom forever.

Designed by Gordon Adler, this $US17 tongue-in-cheek homage to the Titanic is made from a single stamped piece of stainless steel that can be easily assembled with a just a couple of folds. A strategically placed groove lets it hang from the lip of your mug, and besides serving as a questionable reminder of the Titanic tragedy, it also allows you to squeeze all the flavour you can from a tea bag without soiling your fingers.

Word on the street is that James Cameron is planning a feature-length film based on the diffuser, with DiCaprio pegged to play Earl grey himself.

[Teatanic via The Fancy]

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