These Girls Are Wearing Nothing But Light

Light painting is one of those magical photography techniques that never gets old. Fancy effects! And even... dresses? Mmhmm. Atton Conrad, an advertising and art photographer, used light painting to dress his models and make them look gorgeous.

It's lovely. The models are only wearing light! And it's super-fashionable light, at that. To pull it off, Conrad uses a remote trigger to snap the shot while he exquisitely paints around the model in his studio to create a glowing dress effect. I gotta say, this is a fashion trend I wouldn't mind the rest of the beautiful world participating in.

Check out more light-wearing models here. [Atton Conrad via Inspiration Grid via PetaPixel]



    Nude except lights... sounds NSFW but, somehow isn't?

    Don't mean to shine a light too brightly on this, but...If you look at the lines, they are all equidistant, perfectly formed curves. Seems to me that someone has been doing "light painting" in Photoshop.

      I concur

    How are things like accessories and hands in front of the light painting? The LEDs travelled between her hands and hips? And her hands and accessories appear to cast shadows on the light painting. Looks pretty Photoshopped to me, although would love to see behind scenes video demo if it isn't as it would be a great technical achievement.

    My project combines cut paper art, light patenting, flash photography and long exposures. You may also find it interesting (NFSW):

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