There Are Two F-16s Hiding In This Picture

I hope you're not as easily fooled as I am, because I totally missed the two F-16s in this picture. I have an excuse! I was totally looking at the left hand side of the picture. And the picture I saw was really small! Like thumbnail-sized!

You try stepping back from your computer screen and look at the wrong half of the picture, you won't see the fighter jets either! Fine, you probably still will. Whatever. Amuse me. The picture shows two Israeli Air Force F-16s flying over Masada in Israel. [The Aviationist]


    Two f16s walk into a bar... the punchline is irrelevant, because you meant to say "humour me", not "amuse me".

      maybe get a real job nitpicking? one you get paid for, and where you don't just look like an over critical self important arsehole.... awesome picture by the way, i was sucked in

        Acutally I took nitpicker's comment to be a light-hearted good ol' aussie Piss Take.

        I know the world-wide internet is crowded with losers (I have better words to use there, but will probbaly get my comment moderated), but try not to let that experience jade your interaction with fellow australians - we rip on each other, and we mean it in all good sport, as a sign of comraderie and affection.

          You obviously don't spend enough time reading the comments here then...

            Yeah but that comment is clearly just a piss take!

    I missed the jets on first look too. But I also missed the 4 ninjas hiding in the picture as well. Whatever. Amuse me.

    I thought they flew in the sky .....
    Does the camoflage work from below too ?

      I would expect the stomach of the F16 to be blue to match the sky ;)

        Looks like it

        Yep, I can confirm they have clouds painted on the underside

      They do, but enemy planes also fly in the sky and there's 50% chance they'll be higher.

      Although given this is the Israeli airforce and they've pummeled the Arab airforces time and time again, they could probably not bother with cam and just have Pimp my Ride paint them and have the same results

    An iconic shot I guess. If only they had F16's during the Roman siege. This amuses me.

    There's also two stealth fighters in there somewhere too. But we can't see them. They're /that/ stealthy

    I can see a sailboat.

    i saw the planes in the thumbnail before I actually clicked onto the page

      I saw the thumbnails of the pilots in the planes before I loaded the page

    I saw the burning Palestinian children before they even took off.

    Too much?

      As long as they didn't blow up any innocent civilians when they detonated.

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