This Spinning Indoor Garden Was Built Using NASA Technology

What was once intended to be a garden for outerspace could someday be a garden for your living room. The DesignLibero Green Wheel is a planter box fashioned into a rotating wheel, offering the benefit of light and space economy for small, sun-starved environments.

Equipped with an LED light in the middle, the Green Wheel has plants rooted in the circular bed (whose circumference is eight feet) and rotates them in a full circle once an hour, using a water reservoir at the base to nourish the plants. As Co.Design tells it, the concept was originally created by NASA in the 1980s, but never made it past the design stage. Here's hoping this concept does.

[DesignLibero via Tuvie via Co.Design]


    I thought the spinning was intended to emulate gravity. I was disappointed... Much less cool than I thought.

    Didn't they have one of these in Stargate Universe?

    Space economy? Riiiight. You could easily stack 4 lengths of planter box on top of each other in the space this takes up. So unless there's a new value for pi I missed, I call BS.

    All it has going for it is that it's an efficient way to use the light (which is probably the cheapest component) ... and only until the plants get so tall that there's no light getting down to the smaller plants.

    I was hoping something like Spool as well.

    I saw a show many years ago, about 10 or so, where a company was designing CO2 scrubbing/sequestering systems. One of the designs was a bunch of glass tubes about 2 cm in diameter. these were filled with water and algae. they were coiled around some Florescent tubes in the middle. Air was bubbled from below using an air pump and some of those bubble stones you see in fish tanks. The air bubbles up, Co2 is absorbed by the algae and O2 is released. Every now and then some nutrients are added to the water and some of the algae removed. The algae can be used to make oils or whatever for fuel, or buried in old mines to sequester the Carbon. They had a small demonstrator on a table, about a meter high and a meter round. When the studio lights were out and the lights inside the device on, it actually looked like a pretty good night light. I haven’t seen anything like it since and searching on the net haven’t found anything similar. I was thinking it would be a good thing to have in like a corporate head office or a fancy hotel.

    Also, "Spinning" is a bit misleading, Surely "rotating" would be more accurate.

    I'm sorry but until there exists a pop down from the roof fruit garden from Back to the Future, anything else is a waste of money.

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