MuteWatch: Looks Simple, Performs Super Smart

The Mutewatch may look like just a loop of plastic with a buckle, but don't let its featureless face fool you. With one tap, a digital time display appears on your wrist.

Its three modes — alarm, timer and clock — can be accessed by swiping its flat touchscreen, in the same way you slide to unlock an iPhone. To set an alarm, tap the top of a digit for a higher number or the bottom for a lower and squeeze the face to set your wakeup.

The Mutewatch is highly motion sensitive and will increase its vibration to match your own movement: so, if you're fast asleep, you'll wake (hopefully?!) to a base-level shake; if you're out for a jog and have an alarm set for a reminder of something, Mutewatch will vibrate stronger, so you can feel it.

$295 Australian may seem like a heavy price tag for such a simple-looking design, but Mutewatch is anything but simple. [Cara&Co / Westfield via BoingBoing]

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