The Nicest Micro-Cabin $10,000 Can Buy

Are you one of those people who constantly threatens to detach from society and go live out in the woods? You're probably baffled as to how you'd go about making that a reality, right? Well for $US10,000 and a little bit of elbow grease, you could finally make good on those empty threats with a super-tiny cabin.

The Nido house is a 9.3sqm micro cabin, complete with a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, as well as a spacious outdoor deck. Designed with big windows to let in lots of natural light, this could be the best way to decompress and get back to life's basics. [Tiny House Listings via Feel Desain]


    Could live in that quite happily! Smoke my pipe on the deck reading a good book.

    I know a few people with properties and no house on it that would love something like that for 10k.

    Good luck living in Aus.

    If 10K buys that, imagine what 100K would get you! Might be a great buy if you have a block of land.

    That's awesome!
    I'm a huge fan of modular and pre-fab buildings, but this one actually looks quite good. I don't know what it would take to get the local council to approve construction of the thing, but I reckon you grab two of 'em and have a decent living space with room on a block to actually enjoy a backyard!

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