The Most Terrifying Drug In The World

You've never heard of scopolamine. It's synthesised from plants, like cocaine. It even looks exactly like cocaine. But unlike the restricted drug, it'll turn you into an insane zombie and probably kill you. There's a reason they call it "The Devil's Breath."

It's hard to even call scopolamine a drug, in the usual sense of the word -- nobody is going to pass it around at a party or buy it at a club. But criminals will use it to steal all of your worldly possessions, Nazis used it for interrogations, the CIA tested it as truth serum and indigenous Colombian royalty would have their families coerced into being buried alive under the influence of the stuff.

VICE sent a crew down to the jungle to investigate, and turned up some pretty brain curdling stories. Sadly, when they actually do get their hands on the stuff, they chicken out and flush it down the toilet at the end, like a scene from Cops. Though by that point, it's hard to blame them.


    I want some.

    Sounds like nasty stuff I wonder if it's any good for fixing up "Ice-Heads" as an antifreak drug ?

      You're an idiot.

    Take a look at Wikipedia. It's not as scary as it sounds and is commonly used (for good and bad).

    Scopolamine, Atropine and Hyoscyamine are all active ingredients of Deadly Nightshade, which is a known poisonous plant that has been used for hundreds of years

    The relationship to cocaine is that they both have a tropane moiety in the structure.

    My Grandmother had this plant growing in our yard in the 80's, the guy mowing our yard took some flowers (without our knowledge) for the purpose of getting high. A few days after, his family were threatening us saying that he almost died in hospital. We destroyed the tree immediately. Now I notice that our neighbours have this tree growing. Seems that it's still available somehow here in Australia!

      Yup, I live in Far North Queensland....they are absolutely everywhere up here in the rainforest.....still, poisonings and overdoses are rare indeed (I haven't heard of one single local death in the 32 years I've lived here...but that's just anecdote)

    I think we all want to know

    1. how much
    2. where do I buy it

    One word- Krokodil....far worse

      I thought you were referring to a Pokemon for a minute.

        I lol'd


        Oh my god. I had thought the internet couldn't really shock me any more, but I was SO wrong. That stuff is one of the most appalling things I have ever heard of, and I fervently wish I could un-see some of the Krokodil addict/victim photos I just looked at. I literally cannot imagine what users are thinking, how hopeless life must be for them if they are willing to do this to themselves. I'm really glad Australia is a prosperous enough nation that our junkies don't have to go to these lengths for a fix.

          This drug has NOTHING on Krokodil. -.-

        It's actually not the Krokodil itself that causes the flesh-rotting effects, but rather the manufacturing process used by most who make it. Produced in a controlled lab environment it's not nearly as dangerous, but when produced by heroin addicts with gasoline and an old paint can, you get the horror stories.

    oh, so it's got datura in it.. that's scary stuff.. had it once, ended up in a padded cell, that was enough..

    I just looked that up. Pretty horrifying .

      I did too
      Damn I hope it stays out of Australia !

    Anyone who has had surgery has probably had this as it's used as a pre med to dry up saliva and other secretions during an operation.

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    I expected no less it's not as bad as the stupid media will have you believe.

    FINSH! The f8cking! STORY!!!

    Wow, am I really the first to make an Adrenachrome 'Fear and Loathing' quote?!

      Yes, sad as it is, you are.....almost the entire Y generation are clueless to the bizarre genius of Hunter S Thompson (Gen Y's have more info available than any generation before them, yet they are more ignorant than 13 century French peasants)..........Yup....."This is bat country!"

    Scopolamine is one of the active alkaloids in Datura which is somewhat of a common plant in Australia. It's a deliriant. Nothing like cocaine.

    This is one of the stupidest articles I have ever read. Scopolamine has legitimate medical uses, and is available in the chemist as Travel-calm. It is nothing like cocaine, and I believe they have one alkaloid similar with cocaine. It is a deleriant, not a stimulant/empathogen. No one takes this recreationally, (if they do, its only done once).

    This article is enough to make leave this site. I have been reading for 2 years, but your standards have slipped. I hope some new readers view this comment before its deleted and learn to jump ship.

      " It is nothing like cocaine, and I believe they have one alkaloid similar with cocaine. " should have read
      " It is nothing like cocaine, and I believe they have one alkaloid similar."

        Ahhh good ol' Travacalm. Don't eat them by the bucket kiddies, you'll have nightmares. Really, you will. Not a cool pill. Recommended to avoid.

          FYI in proper doses it does what it says on the box. Good nausea reliever. DO NOT BAN.

        I used to trip off of Scopolamine (mainly through travel travel calm). That said its nothing like LSD.

        it was great. I remember one night laying into a box of it with a friend of friends brother (strange how you end up tripping with perfect strangers). In any case we were chilling big time after tripping all afternoon in the park drinking beer. We ended up walking (who knows, can't be sure that we didn't drive) home and ended up listening to of course Pink Floyd.

        dad comes home and although its a school night my ole man loves to put on the trip/deep songs whenever he gets a chance. So we end up talking to dad all night whilst tripping balls.

        That said Scopolamine is a weirdddddddddddddd ass drug. I recommend that no one but the most experienced psychonauts go near the stuff and even then have a sitter and play it say and go low low low. Erowid has so many terrible trip reports that you should read em before you even think of eating the stuff.

        Sorry, but as English language expert, I can tell you that you've still got the grammar and syntax wrong. It should have read
        "It is nothing like cocaine, and I believe they have one similar alkaloid".
        The grammar police on the internet are truly hilarious, because they nearly always offer an incorrect alternative to the original poster!

    Scopolamine was featured in the Castle episode 'Undead Again'. They called it the "Zombie" drug, and it was used to turn a guy in to a mindless drone.

    "when they actually do get their hands on the stuff, they chicken out and flush it down the toilet at the end"

    Thanks for the spoiler alert.

    yeah crap ending.

    Damn!! 17 day trip? And the other guy who is stuck on some permanent trip where he hides behind his hand all the time? No thanks!

    What a crock of shit !!! This plant extract (from the nightshade family) has been used by the
    medical profession for many years as an antiemetic to stop vomiting in motion sickness.
    So the cretins have discovered another medicinal to abuse - whoopee.

    "You’ve never heard of scopolamine." Really?Anyone who sat through Robocop 2 has heard of it.

    "Scopolamine. C-cut it with... ssscopolamine." said the druggie guy who became the super bad robocop thingy.

    Speaking of zombies ..... there are a few specific drugs that create zombies - one is a white crystalline carbohydrate killing millions every year - street name? sugar.
    What happened to the guy found in the nude literally eating another guy's face in the USA recently?

    This stuff grows naturally in Qld and is harvested for use.

    No idea what it's used for though.

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