The Most Amazing Warehouse I Have Ever Seen

I was amazed when I saw the 20m high Lego cathedrals, one of the largest warehouses in Europe that holds 19 billion Lego pieces a year. But this Christian Stoll's photo of one of DB Schenker's warehouses in Germany has let me speechless.

Stoll's is known for his stunningly perfect photos of modern structures, turning places into postcards from the future. His images of this DB Schenker's -- one of the largest logistics companies in the world -- warehouse in Berlin are no exception. I'm expecting floating robots to appear at any time. [Christian Stoll via FastCo]


    I wanna see in the flash !!!!!!!

      I meant "flash" I want to take photo's it's such an amazing looking warehouse


          No flash I wanna take photo's of it all LOL (pun)

    That's where they'll keep us when the matrix begins.

    Dang... that is some Matrix-esque stuff, right there.

    I think it may look alot larger than it actually is because there's no real reference to get a sense of scale.

      The stairs to the right are a good indicator of scale. From the looks of things it's not as huge as it iniitially appears.

        Good observation Mr Effluvium!

        It appears this is for small totes or boxes of goods and not pallets - at least not European pallets and definitely not Australian pallets. See the lego cathedral link for a similar one full of totes.

        Interesting (and stunningly enormous) use of autmated AS/RS cranes (2nd pic) and automation (conveyors etc in 1st pic) in product distribution.

        This technology is in use here in Australia for pallets by companies such as Coca Cola, Blum, Hettich, Coles and Woolworths - Even Ikea that you can walk into at Rhodes in Sydney has manually operated versions...

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