The Compact Bluetooth iOS Remote That Apple Won't Give Us

Apple's wireless Bluetooth keyboard plays wonderfully with all of the company's hardware, from laptops to iOS devices. But for whatever reason, Apple has limited its lovely aluminium remote to IR, so it won't work with your iPhone or iPad. So Satechi has stepped in to save the lazy day.

Its Bluetooth multimedia remote might not be as sleek as Apple's hardware, but it makes up for it with extra functionality including a dedicated mute button, a camera shutter release, and a duplicate home button so you can even activate Siri from afar. Furthermore, there's a sliding panel revealing a compact set of numeric buttons for selecting specific tracks or chapters, and on a single battery it will run for at least six months. Totally worth the $40 they're asking if it means you no longer have to reach an extra six inches to skip a track on your phone.




    The only reason you need a remote for your iPhone is that the phone needs to live on a charger so it's ready to go for say leaving your home for more than one hour.
    What ever happened to phones that had a 5 - 6 day standby batterie life . I'm sure there still out there but I have been sucked into the applesphere and now must spend my life in search of a power outlet for my Idevices .

    would this work on the PS3? Its much better than their BT remote.

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