Telstra Selling 32GB HTC One XL (4G) June 5

OK, it's not exactly been a secret in any case, but Telstra's just sent out the release confirming that it's going to sell the HTC One XL from June 5th on a $59 plan. I've already had some solid hands-on time with an HTC One XL, so I know how fast it is — you can read my full review here. The one big difference between the import model I tested and the "local" model is that the local version will have 32GB of onboard storage, which does cover off one of the major concerns I had about the import handset and its low storage allowance, especially as there's no microSD slot on the One XL.

In plan terms, Telstra will offer the One XL on a $59 plan with a $6/month handset repayment over 24 months; that gives it a minimum cost overall of $1560. Telstra's also offering a pre-order bonus on the One XL, with the first 300 customers who order getting a set of Beats Solo Headphones. [Telstra]


    I just pre-ordered. No idea if I'll get the headphones, don't really care, Beats suck.

    But I DIDN'T know the Telstra version was now back to 32Gb....YAY!


    ooooohhhhh..... i'm not happy.
    I went ahead and bought a HTC One X import, thinking that I would prefer to have the extra storage rather then 4G. Now you tell me i could have had both??!?!?!?!

    Pre-ordered, free headphones, hopefully worth the wait lol.

    hell ya.. New phone will be shipped out on June 1st according to my order.
    JBHIFI wont be recieving the phones on June 5th. So I ordered online with free headset.
    Lets hope I can root it straight away, and remove the telstra bloatware !

      Hey, where does it say your shipping date? Mine just says shipping times, like 2 days in metro, 5 days regional, not the date it'll ship.

    Any news about a local release of the One S? Import prices seem ridiculous.

      There was talk of Telstra getting it. But I haven't seen anything lately. They'll probably launch it towards the end of June if they are, so as not to overshadow both the XL and the Titan II.

    wooo order in, really hope i got the headphone "not to keep but to sell and get some nice ones :P"
    as the galaxy 3 LTE will be runnig the same chi, really is the best of both worlds, and now with spotify i dont need a great deal of music on my phone
    i went the 59 plan and will bolt on a $10 1 gig the will give me 2.5 gig i thinkk this worked out best bang for buck.

    I pre-ordered but it doesn't say anywhere on the Telstra page that this version is 32GB, that only the first 300 to pre-order will get the beats headphones or the shipping date. Can anyone confirm any of these because if Telstra is advertising free headphones to people who pre-order but only intend to send to the first 300 then that's absolute rubbish

      Agreed. Nowhere on the website does it say any of these things.

        HTC's Australian site now lists Telstra as the seller AND that it is 32Gb, whereas before they listed it at 16Gb. So it's DEFINITELY 32Gb. As to headphones....their Beats anyway. I guess you could sell them maybe...

    F#CK! I should've waited for this black 4G model instead :(

    So so so shattered. I signed a 24 months contract with Optus thinking Telstra was getting the 16gig version. Feel like a huge sucker. F***!

      Late reply, but doesn't Optus offer a 30-day coverage satisfaction guarantee? If it's less than a month old return that mofo and sign up with Telstra. Unless this is only in regional areas.

    Now it is difficult! HTC One XL or Samsung Galaxy Note for me?

    is there news on whether its the tegra 3 quadcore or snapdragon dualcore processors?
    ie, if its LTE or not?

    I couldn't see that they limited the headphones to the first three hundred orders anywhere.

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