Telstra Finally Makes The Titan 4G Official

It's been a long time coming -- and hardly a secret -- but Telstra's confirmed that it'll be selling its first 4G Windows Phone 7 handset -- and only its third 4G handset overall -- from next Tuesday. The Titan 4G will be available on $79/month business or consumer plans. It's going to sit in an interesting position, given many Windows Phone fans were very keen on the competing Nokia Lumia 900 -- but the model we're getting won't be 4G LTE compatible, and the Titan 4G will narrowly beat it to market as well. Would that be enough to tilt your buying preference one way or the other? [Telstra]


    I had a go of the Lumia 900 a few days ago at a work event, and my god is it sexy!
    I really hope it and the Titan II sell well, i want to see the WP marketplace grow and prosper :D

    It's a bit above what I was looking to spend per month.

    And 4G at the moment doesn't seem to have a lot of coverage, but I spose if you are locking into a 24 month contract, 4G would have to be a deciding factor

    Disappointed Nokia L900 isn't Telstra 4G compatible!

    Wasn't really that impressed with the Titan, I think the design of the HD7 felt nicer overall.

    Plus HTC charge per month for access to their turn by turn.

    I'm torn. Was certainly hoping for 4G on the Lumia 900, because as Si said, it is a factor on a 24mth contract. I think I still prefer some of the Nokia features over the HTC. And not currently living in a 4G area, means it matters a little less... for now. What was the possible Samsung alternative for a larger WP7 phone?

    I guess that was the rumoured 'late May's release some were attributing to the HTC One XL. *sigh* Late June it is then.....DAMMIT!!

    I don't see 4G networks being relevant in Australia for the majority of the population in the next 2 years, I'd hold off for the Lumia if I wanted a Windows Phone

    Lol 4g lte compared to the rest of the world our internet is 3rd world
    And when they do release 4g network that works on the new iPad then we should worry
    About haveing a 4g phone but until then i think it doesn't matter Nokia lumia 800 still the best phone

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