Telstra Cracks 1000 4G Base Stations

One of the most consistent problems we've seen with 4G LTE here in Australia (aside from the rather slow rollout of competing services) has been the somewhat spotty availability of actual 4G signal. We've largely been testing in Sydney's CBD, while it appears Telstra's been busy setting up 4G towers everywhere else.

A blog posting on Telstra's Exchange site proudly boasts that it's just crossed the 1000 4G base station mark with the installation of a 4G LTE service in Mackay in Queensland. It's an impressive achievement in a single calendar year, although it's still just dots on a map; Telstra's stated claim for its 4G products remains one clustered around the hub of the post office within a given locale.

Without a doubt, our test environment within Sydney is a pretty harsh one; plenty of customers and lots of building-based interference. Anyone seen exceptional speeds at any of the other base stations around the country? [Telstra Exchange via Delimiter]

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