Sydney Gets World's Largest Permanent Interactive Light Display

It’s no secret that we’re fans of building façade projections here at Giz — I mean who hasn’t looked at the side of a skyscraper and imagined glass windows as pixels for a giant screen? That’s what Melbourne-based lighting director Bruce Ramus (of Opera House light projection fame) has done with Luminous: the 150m wide, four-storey tall interactive art installation in Darling Harbour, Sydney. The lights went on over the weekend and Gizmodo went along to check it out.

The windows of new Commonwealth Bank building in Darling Quarter have been wired with a total of 557 LED lights to create what’s effectively a 207x4 resolution display.

Those eating dinner at restaurants below can interact with the screen via a web app or a 32-inch hardened glass multitouch screens on location. “Those were a mission to find”, laughed David Hayes — the interactive designer/software developer working with Bruce on the project. He explained the system was coded in .NET and that a “big arsed” Windows 2008 server aided by a bunch of media servers distribute the signal throughout the building.

The 557 LED lights used to create the display (or Canvas as it’s dubbed by its creators) are said to use the same energy — 10.2kW, as five household vacuum cleaners. New algorithms were written to accomplish this over the 12 months that it took to complete the project.

You can see Luminous six evenings a week from sunset or find out more (including view a live stream) at [Darling Quarter]


    No one has had the balls to drop the F word on there yet?

      Also seems wide enough to draw something phallic

    Looks cool. I am going to Sydney on the 1st of June and staying right near there. Thanks for the suggestion Danny

      You know what's in Sydney on the 2nd of June?

      That's right!!

        Why do you think I'm going to Sydney? (Yes, I am a 26 year old man who is travelling interstate to see Lego...)

          You're just lucky you have a boss who's willing to give you time off to travel interstate to see Lego. : )

    A windows server and media servers? You could run that system off a raspberry pi, no sweat. Big companies, big budgets and little sense.

      Awesome. Please invite me to your wide art installation when it launches!

    oh wow, how did i miss the lego news! Run the story again and again Giz till the 2nd June is here

    A few friends and I went past it last night. It's got a few games such as pong on it which proved to be quite entertaining as well as having the ability to paint on it. I can only say this is going to be abused ahaha

    The awkward moment when Adelaide reads this post.

      Never mind Adelaide, what about WA? Here in Perth, we are still waiting for a Stadium, daylight saving, reasonable shopping hours, hell we don't get the names Dullesville for been jolly! I am surprised the Barnet Government haven't tried to incorporate this monstrosity with the City Riverside Redevelopment and incorporate the stupid Bell Tower. I agree, looks awesome, but takes another government, in another state hell even in another country to come up with a daring thought at least in WA.

    The new shopping centre, in Queen street mall in Brisbane, got a similar treatment. the new Wintergarden complex at night shows a silhouette of a girl swinging across its massive facade. It looks awesome!

    Does it have WiFi ? or hooked up to the internet somehow.

      yes.. go to the website on your iDevice.

      I went there last night and it was turned on, looked ambient and stuff, but interactive content is only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Bbooo..

    You never mentioned in your piece that the guys at Klik Systems (in Eastern Creek) actually made the bespoke LEDs that makes this amazing canvas light up! See Artdaily

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