Steve Ballmer: 500 Million People Will Have Windows 8 By End Of 2013

The man at Microsoft's helm, Steve Ballmer, is an optimistic guy. So optimistic, in fact, that he plans for a significant proportion of the world's population to be using Windows 8 by the end of 2013.

Speaking at the Seoul Digital Forum, he estimated that 500 million users will have Windows 8 by the end of 2013, reports AFP. While it's undeniable that Microsoft's OS reach is incredible, that's a lot of people in a very short period of time — especially when you think that some people still run XP. XP.

In fact, he has his eyes on over 7 per cent of the world's population. Is it something Microsoft can achieve? Maybe. We already know that it's planning to encourage upgrading, because new computers will get an upgrade to Windows 8 for just $US15. Also, let's not forget that it's actually an incredibly impressive OS.

Ballmer explained at the same event that Windows 8 is "a dawning of the rebirth of MS Windows... It's certainly the most important piece of work we've done." If he's to meet his own targets, let's hope he's right. [AFP via NeoWin]



    From what I have seen, about 75% of the tech community doesn't like it in it's current form.

    Give me a good reason to upgrade. $15 is a lot for something I should get for free if I am buying a PC now.

      If you still buy your PC's from a vendor you can't complain about a $15.00 upgrade price when you can build a decent system from scratch including a full version of 7, or 8 when it's released for hundreds of dollars less.

        Really? How exactly can I build a laptop from scratch? Laptops overtook desktops a couple of years ago. Desktops/towers are no longer what most sheeple think of when they hear "PC" or even "computer". I haven't used one for almost 5 years now and I do a lot of very heavy-duty work on mine - realtime music (on stage), 3D animation and 2D/2.5D visual effects compositing.

          aous clearly said PC... If you prefer your Lappy then fill yer boots. There are a lot of people who have both and a lot who don't need a lappy. If you're buying a PC... them my suggestion is very valid!

            I'm just saying that your thinking is several years out of date.

              lol you said sheeple. BELIEVE IN THE CHEM-TRAILS MAAAAAN.

    Bleh, Id rather stick with 7. I really hate the idea of being without a start menu, 7 is bad enough with it's giant dock style icons without that ahem.

      I run windows 7 with the classic theme. You know you can change that right?

        People are too stupid to google these things mate.

        If people googled half as many questions as they have in a year, Geeks everywhere would have less-stressful lives.

      I know the idea of being without a start menu is deterring, but it's time for a change. The start menu has had it's run, and now has worn out it's welcome with utter clutter. I rec all when it was introduced in Win95 and people had a cow. They never believed a start menu would come to any good.

      When it comes down to it, the masses hate change. But it's either roll with the punches now, or really pay for it later when you have catching up to do. The paradigm is changing, so let's face the music. Win8 doesn't have to be your best friend. But let yourself climb the learning curve, and you'll find new and rewarding ways to make it work for you. And that's good because it's here to stay, and the next several releases will work off the same theme.

      In any case, I don't think I'll be debilitated without a start menu. I'll get through the day.

    Must say I can't wait. Computing is changing and windows 8 finds a nice middle ground.

    I've never liked the start menu, it's search sucks and looking through lists of programs in tedious.

    Live tiles are great when done properly. They are a window in the the app.

    Metro is great when done right, admittedly it can be a little boring though and it's not for everything. That said my iPhone and iPads feel old after my WP7. Screen after screen of static icons? blah.

    And before it starts OSX is great except for everything new (hello iOSX).

    I really think and hope windows 8 will be a game changer.

    Should be good to move up to Win8 when it's finally released. Ballmer on the other hand, should retire. Give his position to someone who has a clue.

    My understanding is that 8 uses a much more efficient and faster kernel, that alone makes it worth the swap. I've been using the 'preview' now for months and it has it's issues, Metro wasn't built with regular PC's in mind. Metro is for touch screens, but I find using "True Launch Bar" which I've been using since XP, solves all those issues. I'll take the speed and efficiency benefits over whining about Metro any day.

      I don't have any of those issues at all. I find Metro every bit as useful with my mouse as the desktop. In fact, I really don't see any difference, in terms of the human-machine interface, between something like Zune and the Metro Music app in Win8. (The Music app itself is a stinking pile of camel dung but the way you use it with a mouse is no different from any desktop app.) Same with the email app - it is every bit as easy to use with a mouse as Outlook and much better than using Hotmail in a browser.

        Clearly you prefer Laptops to PC but their are a lot of people who like to use their PS and a lot who use both. I refer my PC for games and I find it a lot quicker for some programs. I like my Lappy for roving.

          I'm sorry but how is your comment relevant to what I said? A mouse works in exactly the same way on a laptop and desktop. In any event, my laptop is connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor 80% of the time, just like your desktop machine. I'd be interested to know exactly what "issues" you are referring to, just out of curiosity.

    I think people hate Windows 8 because they are too stupid to find the start menu in Metro

    I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Windows XP :)

      I still run it on an old computer, Win 7 is great ... but XP was something else.

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