New iPhone Apps: Squrl, Simple, iTranslate Voice And More

New iPhone Apps: Squrl, Simple, iTranslate Voice And More

Manage your money, learn new languages and wind down with an endless supply of videos with this week’s best iPhone apps. You’ll also be snapping pictures and waking up in a better mood.

Squrl: We all know the pain of staring at the TV with nothing to watch. This app will aid you in your time of need, putting video content from around the web together with your social networks to make suggestions of shows and clips it thinks you will like. Free. [imgclear]

Polamatic: Photo-sharing apps should thank Poloroid, the OG of instant photography, for their inspiration. And now Poloroid has released its own image-altering app. It lets you take pictures, add filters and write notes on the bottom. You can also chose custom borders scanned from real vintage Poloroids. $0.99. [imgclear]

iTranslate Voice: This app will speak Spanish and 30 other languages for you, even if you don’t even know the word for “hello”. Simply speak a phrase you want to translate, and it will say it back. So next time you’re travelling in Germany and you think you’re lost, this iTranslate Voice can help you ask a local for directions. $0.99. [imgclear]

Uniqlo Wake Up: Sometimes it feels impossible to get out of bed in the morning. However, it doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Uniqulo Wake Up will help rouse you in a pleasant way, with custom songs based on the weather, time and location springing you out of the covers. Free. [imgclear]