Sonos Sub: Wireless Subwoofer Puts Some Bass In Your Sonos System

Sonos is pretty wonderful. Easy to set up, simple to use and easy on the ears. It could just use a little help on the low end. Well, here's the new Sonos Sub, which looks like it'll be some easy-to-add bass for your system.

Setting up the Sonos Sub is just as simple as the Play:3 and Play:5 speakers: you plug it in, press a button and follow some easy instructions on your computer to loop it into your existing Sonos system. It's almost entirely cordless, and like the Play speakers, you can lay it either horizontally or vertically.

Features-wise, the sub has two face-to-face speakers to keep the bass tight, and the large unit should have no problem filling up a room. Sonos also says that connecting the sub to your system changes the output of your other speakers, with the bass shifted to the sub.

It'll be available for $US700 in mid-June in glossy black, and $US600 in October in matte black. [Sonos]

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