Someone Please Put This Brilliantly Redesigned Hanger Into Prodution ASAP

The classic hanger design is fine for button-up tops, but the ergonomics are all wrong when it comes to t-shirts and sweaters. They have a tendency to stretch delicate garments, an that's what prompted an industrial designer at design shop Ziba to rethink the hanger.

What Mehdi Mojtabavi came up with needs to go into production as soon as possible. The arms on the new hanger stretch wider and are more horizontal than its predecessors, so it's less likely to stretch a shirt while it hangs. And with a simple squeeze, the arms collapse, making it easy to slip through the neckhole on any shirt without stretching it. Brilliant. Sadly the studio is still looking for a production partner or someone who wants to licence the design, which they predict shouldn't end up costing that much more than the crappy hangers we're stuck with now.

[FastCo Design]

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