Watch: Microscopic Creatures, Stop Motion Graphics And Snoop Dogg In The Mix

Who needs late-night TV when you've got trippy videos, people falling for your amusement and Snoop Dogg spinning records with Busta Rhymes....

Micro Organisms Make For One Mind-Bending Music Video

Oh, I'm sorry, were you planning on sleeping tonight?

Snoop Dogg Spins in Amsterdam with Busta Rhymes and FredWreck

Oh man this Dutch Treat is fantastic. I just watched the first four minutes of this before I realised I have no clue what any of them are saying.

Body Hotel

This trippy music video from David Luepschen assigns a visual element to every individual sound in the song. It's filmed in both stop-motion and real-time video using cardboard and wood props overlaid with an animated vector graphic. [davidluepschen via swissmiss]

People Failing for Your Amusement

On the whole, I'm not holding out much hope for the long-term survival of the species. This is still some funny shit.

Gundam & Figma Stop Motion : Saber Lily FATE 賽芭

I also found a stop-motion Dragon Ball Z vid but it was nothing but quivering hair-doos and a lot of monotone yelling.

Richard Pryor vs Hecklers

And this is why you don't mess with professional stand up comics.

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