Slicing, Serving Kitchen Knife Is An Excalibur For Dinner Hosts

It's hard to choose one item as the perfect kitchen accessory, but the Slice n' Serve makes a strong case for the crown by incorporating a pizza slicer into a knife that's wide enough to be used for serving food.

There's enough synergy here to make even Victorinox throw in the towel on its multi-function pocket knives. After slicing through a pizza like a hot knife through — well — cheese, the Slice n' Serve can then tackle the deepest pie, the tallest cakes, and serve them all up to guests with aplomb. For just $US6 you're sure to be heralded by your dinner guests for your hosting prowess, even if you only served an odd combination of pizza, pie and cake. [Evriholder via Geek Alerts]

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