Shooting Challenge: 7 Humorous Shots

Shooting Challenge: 7 Humorous Shots

I love the abstract nature of this week’s shooting challenge theme. It invites a much wider range of responses than we’d get otherwise, and ‘humour’ is a perfect example. From childlike happiness to geeky sarcasm, these seven reader submissions are sure to get you at least smiling.

Stuart Addelsee

Canon EOS 7D – Canon 100mm
f/2.8 | ISO 100 | 1/4 sec

My inspiration for this weeks challenge was a single cell cartoon I saw many years ago. Like my photo, it depicted a painter who really didn’t plan out his paint job to well. For no particular reason it has stuck in my mind so I decided to try and recreate it.

Stuart –

Pete Turner

Canon 7D 10-22mm

All those credits Sam and Dave spent on the Photoshop course were starting to pay off!

Amy Akers

Canon EOS 450D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens using the inbuilt flash & auto settings.

I am due to move out of a crumbly old rental next week, which features a large crack in one of the walls. My friend suggested on the weekend that I draw a man walking down the cracks. Instead I decided to cut out a man from paper & stick it on briefly for a photo so I can get my bond back.

David Johnson

Barkers Eggs
Everybody knows the joy of finding “barkers eggs” be they on the lawn or the indoor laid ones or even the sand covered one in disguise heres an unusual variety laid by my chihuahua glad they’re unbroken 🙂
I had to be quick with this shot after dropping the eggs the dog just sat down and looked at me wondering what the matter was , it took her only a minute or two to realise she wasn’t in trouble and start chewing one but there was only laughter as it was too big to get her teeth into so she sat down again making for more laughter ……
Camera: Canon600D
Tv: 1/10
Av: 3.5
ISO: 3200
Lens: 18-55mm IS II
Mode :Manual

Graham Nicol

When you squeeze his left hand he sings “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

Canon 550D, Sigma 30mm prime, f/1.4, 1/30 sec, ISO 200

Tracy Miller

Yesterday was the Sweetlife Food and Music Festival in Maryland. The fun these two girls were having just had to be captured on film. I shot this with my Canon Powershot S3 IS.

Tegan Ackley

Taken with a Canon EOS 550D. No Editing –

This photo was taken of my cousin Kai enjoying the last of the warm weather.