Rumourmodo: Office For iPad and Android Coming In November?

Some rumours just never die. The idea first surfaced in February that Microsoft would "shortly" be offering a version of its Office suite for iPad, but that was quickly shot down by Microsoft itself. The fresh raft of rumours suggest that we'll see Office for iPad and Android in November. Once again, file this solidly in the "speculation" column, but Boy Genius Report states that Microsoft will release the "full Office suite" in November for both iOS and Android platforms.

I've opined on why Microsoft might consider a version of Office for rival touch-enabled platforms previously, but the timing here is the factor that interests me. November should put it after Microsoft's own Windows 8 tablet launches, giving it something of a head start in the tablet Office stakes — at least as far as modern tablets go, given Office has been touch-capable for some time now. [BGR via AppleInsider]

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