Rumourmodo: AppleTo Sell Ultra-Cheap Macbook Air?

It's been widely tipped that a variety of vendors will offer wltrabooks in the latter half of the year with much lower price points, in order to compete with Apple's Macbook Air — at the moment there's mostly price parity. The latest rumour suggests that one of those competitors might be Apple itself. Digitimes doesn't always get it right when it comes to rumours, but its latest suggests that Apple will release a much cheaper Macbook Air model in the third quarter of the year, with a target price point of $US799. Quite whether that will be in the same metallic casing — or whether it might use an older Sandy Bridge part while newer Air use Ivy Bridge — isn't clear. [Digitimes]


    What ever happen to the Apple Television? No one is even talking about that anymore

    "much cheaper Macbook Air" ... "with a target price point of US$7999".
    I'm going to assume that's a typo in the price ;)

    target price point of US$7999...? :)

      Dude, thats a bloody bargain! You're just sour because Apple product hold their value much more than Vista.

        Erm, wut ? It's obviously a typo, are you joking or wut?

          Considering he identified 'vista' as a laptop brand, I sure hope so

    I think you've got a slight typo there Alex, I'd be hoping that no Ultrabook would cost $7999 regardless of how small, light and powerful it is

    $8000 doesn't sound amazingly cheap.

      It is for a mac.


    Sounds like netbook 2.0. I'll pass thanks

    1. Bring in a nice cheap i3 version of the current Macbook Air
    2. Update the premium model to i5/i7 Ivy Bridge with a Retina Screen
    3. Take over the World!

    What a bargain! $7999!

    Did anybody else notice the pricing typo?

      what? there's a typo? I call bullshit man, you're just screwing with us..

    *sigh* Come on people, just click again. They've edited the linked article and deleted the extra 9.

      Extra 9? I thought there was one *missing*.

    How are ultrabooks currently at parity with MBAir? Mine was $550 cheaper than the equivalent Air spec, which is about 30% less - $1350 vs $1899.

      Compare the quality, then you will see ;-)
      I'm all for Ultrabooks, and I have been looking at buying one for a few months now, waiting for a good one to come out. I will be going MBA with Ivy Bridge, nothing else even comes close the the quality. Mousepad, screen, keyboard, hinges etc all better on MBA. I will be getting base model ~i5, and around that price point, you save only $200 or so buying an ultrabook, but loose a lot more when it comes to overall quality.

        I'd suggest the quality of my Zenbook exceeds that of a MacBook Air. It looks better, feels more solid and its performance is superior. As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a good trackpad, but the Zenbook's is the best I have encountered. The keyboard is not very good but 95% of the time mine is attached to an HD monitor, mouse and keyboard and the lid is closed, so those things are all completely unimportant. What is important is the USB 3 port that attaches to an external SSD and that makes the Zenbook an even better bargain. (How much is an external Thunderbolt drive? My external USB 3 SSD cost me $25 for the enclosure, as I already had the SSD from a previous upgrade.)
        Even $200 sounds like a lot to pay for a better keyboard.

    But then why would you bother with an iPad?

    WOW!! The price has dropped from almost $8K to just under $800, just like the article said it would. I think there must be an insider feeding Alex intel...

    iPad sells for $899 for the 64Gb model with "4"G, Apple aren't going to undercut their own product

    $800 for an upmarket netbook is still too much.

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